Eden - Stochastic Urban Cellular Model


Eden is a celular automata based urban simulation models that may be used as urban laboratory to explore various interesting ideas of urban policies about how city work and change over time. An urban cellular model that is a simplified form of a city, in which the focus is on the physical development of city blocks. The city model is based on the biological cell growth analog to stochastic growth Eden simulation (Murray Eden, 1961) that has been proposed for bacterial colonies. Eden model is a simple aggregation model in which a new black cell is added at each step at a randomly chosen position adjacent to the existing cluster of black cells. Various interesting urban policy can be analyzed and predicted through the means of simulation. Those policies will help the city government to examine the impact of their policy of development toward urban pattern such as influence of development restriction zones, incentive of development that can guide the urban pattern.



Eden Urban Cellular Model Version 0.1 release 1 is now available for download.




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